Business services at our Kuantan hotel, The Zenith Hotel.



Business centre fully equipped with business and secreatarial services.


Located on Level 3, the Business Centre caters to all your business needs. Providing a comprehensive range of business and secretarial services such as photocopying, printing, scanning and more. 2 exclusive meeting rooms are available within the Business Centre, ideal for small private meetings.

Guest Information


Operation Hours :
8.00am – 8.00pm, daily
For usage after 8.00pm, kindly refer to the Front Desk on the Ground Floor.


Computer Rental Service


Rental per hour at RM12.00 per computer
Rental by day at RM60.00 per computer


Discussion Room


Rental per hour at RM150.00
Rental per half day at RM500.00
Rental per day at RM800.00


Meeting Room


Rental per hour at RM200.00
Rental per half day at RM800.00
Rental per day at RM1,200.00


Other Services

As per current list on website.

For enquiries or reservations, please call us at +609 565 9595 or email

Secretarial Services

Typing / word processing A4, 1-5 pages MYR 2.00 per page
Typing / word processing A4, ≥ 6 pages MYR 1.00 per page
Typing & printing MYR 2.00 per page
A4 black & white printing only MYR 1.50 per page
A4 color printing only MYR 2.00 per page
A4 transparency black & white printing MYR 3.00 per page
A4 transparency color printing MYR 5.00 per page
A4 size scanning only MYR 3.00 per page


A4, 1 – 50 pages MYR 0.50 per page
A4, 51 – 100 pages MYR 0.40 per page
A4, ≥ 100 pages MYR 0.30 per page
A3 per page MYR 1.30 per page
A5 per page MYR 0.40 per page
A4 double sided = 2 pages MYR 1.00 per page
A3 double sided = 2 pages MYR 2.50 per page
A4 transparency MYR 2.00 per page

Equipment Rental

LCD Projector MYR 600.00 per unit
DVD Player MYR 160.00 per unit

Outgoing Facsimile

Within Malaysia MYR 2.50 per minute
Asia Pacific MYR 4.50 per minute
USA / Japan MYR 4.00 per minute
Europe MYR 7.50 per minute
South West Asia MYR 6.00 per minute
South America / Africa MYR 7.50 per minute